Hi. This is the home of AeroFX

A beautiful theme for JavaFX 8 that gives your applications a native Windows 7 look & feel.

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JavaFX lets you build beautiful UIs with ease.

It delivers effects, animation, media and more for building rich client applications. But it lacks the look & feel of a typical Windows-application.

Awesome software makes happy users.

Speed up your development time by using AeroFX.
Spend your time implementing all that beautiful functionality, not fumbling around with graphics!
Find code and more screenshots on Github.

Ease of use

Just call AeroFX.style()
We take care of the rest

Facade pattern

API access via AeroFX-class.
No messing with changing calls!

Carefully crafted

My bachelor's thesis as a computer scientist is the development of AeroFX

Well documented

All classes and calls are documented with javadoc. Get it at Maven Central!

Want to contact me? Get in touch!

Wrap up a message via mail or just add me in one of the social networks. So long!

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